Comfortable. Affordable. Possible.

Building quality homes at an affordable price for over 30 years.

HomeMakers – Lubbock Homebuilder

HomeMakers build quality houses that are affordable, stylish move in ready for future homeowners in the Lubbock area. We are a family of homebuilders, offering homes with your family in mind. We build homes that are not only comfortable and affordable, but that makes your future possible. We are a unique home builder in that we have curated the best features in style, amenities, and finishes in each of our homes. Our relationships with local vendors and contractors have afforded us the ability to offer what are typically upgraded features for rock bottom prices. With multiple homes now available to buy, we’d be honored to provide you with a place to build your family, life, and future.

Comfortable. Affordable. Possible.

Our slogan “Comfortable. Affordable. Possible.” ensures you have an effortless home buying experience and an even better home to live in. Here, we explain what each of these words mean to us, and in turn, what it means for you:


Comfortable: Providing physical ease and relaxation, free from stress or fear. Comfort is one of the most vital components when you are on the market for a home. HomeMakers has a meticulous commitment to delivering you a product that offers quality in comfort and design.


Affordable: Within your financial means, reasonably priced. With the relationships we have built with our vendors and contractors, we have been afforded the highest quality in home features for a discounted price. This means HomeMakers can deliver you the home you desire for the price point you are looking for in your future home.


Possible: Able to be or become. When purchasing a HomeMakers home you are purchasing the center for your life, the base from which your hopes, dreams, and future growth. Let HomeMakers help you in making your Lubbock home buying experience possible.